Javed Akhtar Evaluates Outcome of Movies Glamorizing Poisonous Manliness, Possibly Referring to ‘Creature’

Javed Akhtar Evaluates Outcome of Movies Glamorizing Poisonous Manliness, Possibly Referring to 'Creature'

Prestigious Indian writer

Prestigious Indian writer, lyricist, and scriptwriter Javed Akhtar has as of late shared his point of view on the realistic scene, communicating worry over the developing outcome of movies that glamorize poisonous manliness. His comments, which have started broad conversations, are accepted to have a possible reference to a particular film, ‘Creature.’

In an industry that frequently reflects cultural standards and impacts public discernment, Akhtar has been a vocal backer for capable narrating. He accentuates the effect that movies can have on forming cultural qualities and accepts that the depiction of poisonous manliness on screen can add to building up unsafe generalizations.


Akhtar’s scrutiny is especially significant with regards to the film ‘Creature,’ which has garnered consideration for its extreme portrayal of forceful and predominant male characters. While the film’s prosperity in the cinema world has been eminent, Akhtar questions the ramifications of lauding poisonous manliness and the expected outcomes for society.

To comprehend Akhtar’s perspective, it’s fundamental to dig into the idea of poisonous manliness. This term alludes to a bunch of social standards and ways of behaving that advance the possibility that men ought to be forceful, predominant, and dispassionate. Films that sustain these generalizations can coincidentally add to a culture that standardizes unsafe way of behaving, influencing mentalities and ways of behaving in reality.


Javed Akhtar, known for his clever editorial on cultural issues, urges movie producers to take on a more capable way to deal with narrating. He advocates for stories that challenge harmful manliness, encouraging a more comprehensive and positive portrayal of manliness on screen.

The veteran lyricist accepts that film has the ability to shape viewpoints and impact change. By making characters and stories that break away from unsafe generalizations, movie producers can contribute to a more edified and moderate society.


Taking everything into account, Javed Akhtar’s evaluation of movies glamorizing harmful manliness, possibly referring to ‘Creature,’ reveals insight into the more extensive issue of media outlets’ effect on cultural qualities. As conversations around capable narrating pick up speed, it is not yet clear the way that producers answer the need for a more nuanced and positive depiction of manliness in film.

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